Is my 2005 Menai Bridge £1 coin rare and valuable?

2005 Menai Bridge
The 2005 Menai Bridge design is the sixteenth rarest £1 coin in circulation and has a value of 1 pound.

This coin is 1 of 24 designs which are currently being collected by people taking part in the great british one pound coin race. If you would like to join in or find out more, visit the change checker website. You can see all the designs to collect including the 2005 Menai Bridge coin on our special £1 coin race collector chart.

Coin YearEntered CirculationActive Circulation*

Change Checking Chances: When receiving a £1 coin in your change you have about a 1 in 21 chance of finding this design.

Additional information about this £1 coin:
Coin Name 2005 Menai Bridge
Denomination £1
Details A representation of the Menai Bridge inside a border of railings and stanchions. Edge Detail: Decorative pattern symbolising bridges and pathways
In Circulation Yes
Edge Inscription
Design By: Edwina Ellis

Notes: Entered Circulation data from The Royal Mint website. *Active Circulation is an estimated figure based on an assumed year on year reduction in circulating coins.